You’re wondering how your organisation can survive and succeed faced with so much disruption and change.  You’re asking how you could quickly get to the point with strategy to achieve your growth and transformation targets.

You’re uncertain how to assess your capability to become more innovative, and how ‘enterprise fit’ you are for the challenges you face.

What’s holding you back?

How we can help

Our services are designed to help you understand what’s holding you back and give you confidence to face an uncertain future.  We help you to identify what you need to address and prioritise.

We help you to assess your existing strategy, know what to change, and plan for changing.  For example, you might need to unravel a complex adaptive challenge, innovate business models, services or product offerings, meet  challenging growth targets, conduct due diligence on an acquisition target or digitally enable your organisation.

Working with Archtexx, the outcome for you will be a newly-designed and executable strategy that reconfigures your operating model, meets your objectives and allows you to measure success, benefits and value.

Sample Challenges, Tools & Solutions

  • Bring clarity to strategy –‘Get to the Point with Strategy’  (GPS)
  • Design new or innovate existing business models – GPS
  • Building business resilience  - Strategy to Execution (S2E) for Capability Modelling
  • New business model insights to action – Why, What, How, With What, Who, Where? – S2E Business Model to Action
  • Need to identify new growth areas? – S2E – Kickstart Growth Engines
  • Digital Transformation – S2E Digital
  • Integration Issues – S2E Capability to Execute