You may think of the customer value stream simply as ‘a series of end-to-end activities that achieve a result for the customer’.

You may aspire, however, to more fully understand your customers’ journey as they experience your brand, products and services.

Perhaps you’re thinking about how to create seamless customer experiences across value streams and beyond. From a competitive viewpoint you may need to move from mere customer satisfaction to customer ‘delight’.

Where do you start?

How we can help

Using (S2E)™ methodology, Archtexx consultants can help you to define your internal and external customer value streams.

We can help you to reconfigure value stream capabilities so that you will deliver amazing customer experiences and differentiate from your competition. We can help you to find and execute capability improvements that will ‘delight’ customers.

Our methodology readily identifies where to shape and align capabilities and close the gaps. We also highlight any non-productive projects that should be stopped in order to free up scarce resources.

Our tools will allow you to continually measure the success and benefits of your customer experience improvements.

Sample Challenges, Tools & Solutions

  • Need to understand your customers’ journey and clarify your value proposition to get to a product/market fit – GPS - Get to the Point with Strategy – Explore Customer Adventures
  • Rethink to generate new opportunities – developing a new model or innovate your existing business model – S2E – Strategy to Execution – Shape the Experience