You need to ensure that you are cutting the ‘right’ costs without constraining your ability to grow. You’re considering where best to direct capital investment to fund strategy and achieve optimal ROI, while at the same time, optimising operating margins and profitability.

Being enterprise fit is where an organisation can run, improve, and transform simultaneously.

Are you optimising and enterprise fit?

How we can help

Archtexx consultants can help you to reach strategic and operational maturity where your enterprise, business unit or project team can operate, improve, and transform concurrently.

We can help to strike the optimum balance between run/improve and transform so that you generate sufficient revenue resources and build human capital to transform as necessary.

We will work with you to improve enterprise fitness and speed up results  both in operations and projects. Our tools will allow you to continually manage business transformation, management and planning collaboration across shared platforms.

Sample Challenges, Tools & Solutions

  • Identify where best to direct capital investment to fund strategy – S2E – Get the Right Costs Out
  • Design shared services to support business activities and strategic success – S2E – Shared Service Design & Execution
  • Create an effective EA roadmap to leverage agility and new technologies – S2E for Enterprise Architecture Roadmap
  • Create a digital workplace that supports new & effective ways of working – S2E – New Ways of Working
  • Effectively align IT capabilities to support the enterprise operating model S2E for IT Transformation (powered by IT-CMF™)
  • Arrange demand, supply and product processes in the supply chain for better outcomes – S2E – Choreograph Demand Driven Value Networks
  • Effectively manage the performance of your organization – S2E for Enterprise Performance Management (powered by WorkFit™)