At Archtexx, we strongly believe in the concept of ‘co-creation’ of ideas.  Our services and solutions are ‘Inspired By’ and enhanced by working with a select group of industry experts.

The ‘Inspired By’ group are ‘partners in thought’ who lean in with the Archtexx team and exchange information, build on ideas.  It’s a creative process which higlights connections, relates and offers new shared insights.

Qualitatively different thinking produces breakthroughs – quantum leaps in understanding, alignment, planning, and ideation through to new futures – the kind that our clients’ corporate strategies need today.

We constantly translate the ‘Inspired By’ thought-share into our services and solutions.

How we can help

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”―Jim Rohn

At Archtexx we can assist our clients to tap into the expertise of our “Inspired By’ thought partners.

This can take the form of one-on-one, structured mentoring from any of these accomplished leaders, or perhaps a review of a strategic challenge and proposed solution.

Talk to us about your needs – it’s about leveraging the power of our thought partners to supercharge your strategy.

Topics and Thought Partners

  • Lean Change  & Agile Leadership  - Claudio Perrone
  • Digital Government – Bill McCluggage
  • Open Government & Open Data – Bill McCluggage/Denis Parfenov
  • Disruptive Innovation in Government – Emer Coleman
  • Technology Spinouts  and FinTech – Mike Reilly
  • Pop-Up Businesses  – Mike Lloyd
  • Smart Cities – Brian Donnellan