Many organisations struggle to implement strategy effectively and efficiently. They are caught up in change programs, re-organisations and process change without having a clear view of ‘the big picture’. 

These organisations struggle because they fail to take account of potential future scenarios.  They may be constrained by legacy business applications or ‘current problem’ thinking.  Key initiatives are often launched by functional areas, lacking alignment, fit or interoperability with the ‘whole of enterprise.  Capability models frequently do not exist.

Capable companies are those that have a shared, well-understood model of organisation capability.  They can easily identify which capabilities are required to execute strategic vision and intent.

How we can help

We can strengthen and amplify your organisation through our ‘as-a-Service  models; namely:
CIO Advisory, Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture services on a drawdown basis.

We can help to build your Digital Capability Transformation & Improvement Roadmaps through

  • Embedding of End to End Value Management
  • IT Capability Transformation Roadmaps
  • Building Innovation Management Capability

Our experienced consultants can support the creation or repurposing of essential new units such as:

  • Bootstrap or ‘reboot’ Business Architecture Practice
  • Bootstrap or reboot EA Architecture Practice
  • Building a connected Architecture Organization
  • Architecture/Change/Program Alignment (Project Management)

Diagnostics & Benchmarks

Archtexx uses a number of empirically-proven Capability Assessments & Diagnostics.  These come from globally-recognised capability maturity frameworks and industry benchmarks.

Competent People – Executive Education

We provide in-house and public training on our frameworks, namely IT-CMF (in partnership with IVI), S2E in Action, Lean Change.  We also run regular ‘bootcamps’ for the WorkFit™ capability management tool.

Sample Assessments & Diagnostics

  • Benefits Assessment & Realisation Assessment
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Digital Business Readiness Assessment
  • Information Management Capability Diagnostic
  • Innovation Management Capability
  • Regulatory Readiness Assessments – Basel III, Solvency II, Data Protection
  • Strategy, Planning, Prioritisation, Benefit Assessment