Archtexx article on strategic advantage published in European Business Review

Archtexx are featured in the current edition of the European Business Review as leading advocates of using business architecture as a strategic alignment tool. The article, entitled ‘Clarifying Strategy Is Simple. Aligning Your Organisation Is Not’, is co-authored by Archtexx Principal Gar Mac Críosta, with Rich Lynch and Amber Roman of our partner Accelare Inc. As an insightful piece of thought leadership, the article outlines the need to clarify strategic intent, aligning vision and strategy in a consistent and repeatable process, to avoid common execution problems: slow execution, project overload, frustrated talent and lost opportunity.

 The article examines five critical alignment challenges, for which business architecture provides focused solutions:

1.      Agreement on the Operating Model

2.      Real Functional Alignment around Business Strategy

3.      Rallying around the Growth Strategy

4.      Addressing Adaptive Change

5.      Mobilising Talent in New Ways

The complete article may be read here. For a more detailed description of how to achieve the solutions using the Strategy-to-Execution (S2E) process, please click here.