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IASA's mission is to make Technology Architecture the most stable, well-recognised profession in the world.

Mission and Objectives

IASA is a not-for-profit premium association focusing on promoting leading practices and education in IT architecture globally. Tagged as “an association for all IT Architects”, and with a stated mission of making “IT architecture the most recognised profession in the world”, IASA aims to establish a common design platform for all areas of technology and enterprise architecture, with platform members afforded the opportunity to collaborate with each other on developing standards of practice.

IASA Processes

IASA functions globally through regional “chapters”, partner associations, and links with entities of a scientific, industrial or economical nature. There are 35 chapters in over 30 countries, making IASA the largest IT architecture organisation in the world. IASA members interact through regular activities, including local and virtual events, online and offline training courses, and networking opportunities.

Key Facts

  35 Chapters

  30 Countries

  8,000 Members

  80,000 Community Base

Archtexx and IASA

Archtexx co-founder Amit Marathey is a member of the Board of Advisors for the German Chapter of IASA, while Gar Mac Críosta performs the same role for the Dubai/ Middle Eastern Chapter.


Amit Marathey
Managing Partner

Jennifer King
Group Event Manager
IASA Germany