Making Capabilities Explicit is the Work of Leadership

By Rich Lynch, Amber Román and Derval Kennedy

In “Clarifying Strategy Is Simple. Aligning Your Organisation Is Not.” (The European Business Review, Sept/Oct 2014) the authors make the case that the clearest route to aligning and communicating strategy is through capabilities. That makes articulating and assessing capabilities a crucial new role for leaders. 

Making capabilities explicit is the work of leadership. But it is not theirs alone. As business models change and workforce demo-graphics shift to younger workers, leaders not only need to define strategic intent, it is essential that they mobilise the organisation’s talent through capability development. 

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Clarifying Strategy is Simple. Aligning Your Organisation is Not

By Rich Lynch, Amber Roman and Gar Mac Críosta

A crystal-clear and accessible business strategy is crucial to any organisation’s ability to optimally align resources. Executing this is, however, easier said than done. Authors Gar Mac Críosta of Archtexx Dubai, and Rich Lynch and Amber Roman of Archtexx’s key strategic partner Accelare Inc., address five key alignment challenges faced by organisations today and offer their solutions for success.

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The Strategy-to-Execution Process: A Critical Component of Transient Competitive Advantage

By Jack Calhoun 

Winning organisations know how to deploy and continually refresh their strategic approach to competitive advantage – while failing companies fail to do so, and fail to realise why success evades them. Jack Calhoun, CEO of Accelare Inc., a key Archtexx business partner, outlines why the execution of strategy is just as important as the design – indeed, even more so – and why a flexible Strategy-to-Execution process is a must for building capability-based organisations where executing strategy successfully is everybody’s business.

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